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by Cherie Call

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    Please note, this is not a new album, but I recently acquired the masters and wanted to make it available here. Grace was originally released in 2009. It is a project I love so much and hope you enjoy it. Take a tour though the tracks to see full lyrics and instrument credits.
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I've got a mountain made of pennies, and it's gotten ten feet high I know it doesn't reach to heaven, but I'm sure gonna try To make it high enough to lift me I will build it with my hands I'll mow a hundred thousand lawns, and I'll make lemonade stands I've got a bucket full of quarters to take my soul and get it cleaned I'll use the fanciest detergent, I will try the best machines The muddy patches fade a little but it mostly stays the same I wade around in all the bubbles when all I need's a name One name cleans my slate and marks my way Chorus: Every day and every moment that I turn my heart to him He's gonna reach and pull me in Grace is amazing So you've heard the people saying it a hundred times before I'm gonna tell you a thousand more Grace is amazing, grace is amazing, grace is amazing I pin a number to my outfit and I swim a sea of tears I've been trying now to cross it for 150 years I've been treading around in circles and I might not even place I got lost in all my seeking in this crazy human race I've got a mountain made of pennies, but it's only ten feet high I spent my bucket full of quarters, and I just break down and cry But Jesus finds me in my sorrow, and he heals and makes me whole He's paid the ultimate to save me and buy me back my soul One name heals my heart, unlocks the gate (Chorus) I forgive and I'm forgiven, I cry and someday heal He is the reason, grace is the reason It's simple and it's difficult, It's impossible but real He is amazing, grace is amazing
I was looking for a vision I was trying just to see some sign To let me know that God is with me And that he didn't just pass me by A blackbird and a daffodil Tried to show he's always been right there But I kept trying to find him everywhere Chorus: I looked for him in the fire, he wasn't in the fire I looked for him in the windstorm, but he was not there I looked for him in the lofty words of the men on the mighty thrones But I could not find him until I was alone When I heard a still small voice I tried to find which way to go And figure out if I should say yes or no I tried to find the answers And I was feeling closer but I did not know I tried to find the answers I wished that I could see a ray of light And I wondered if God could see me through the night (Chorus) I have sought him in the shining stars And I have found him with my broken heart
There's a man who is trembling at the edge of the sea With thousands of people leaning on him And the enemy's gaining, there's no place to hide So he raises his staff and he runs Into the mists of the water that followed the will of the Lord Into the place where you're living on faith that is stronger than fear Stronger than swords I am not the only one who has ever been cornered When suddenly God splits the sea I am not the only one who has needed a savior And prayed for the one who could save me I'm not the only one I have never had water from the center of a stone I have never tamed lions or lived in a whale And the fiery furnace surrounding me now Is only my doubt and my fear But deep in a heart that is hurting I still have to trust in the Lord And the words of the ancients tell of a God who is stronger than kinds Stronger than swords I am not the only one who has ever been friendless Or lost in a wilderness place I am not the only one who's been rescued by mercy In exchange for my slivers of perfect faith I'm not the only one So many people changed by the truth through the ages of time So many miracles amazing and true when I hear them For the thousandth time I am not the only one who will worship my maker On the day that I fall at his feet i am not the only one who will cherish the heroes Who lived all these stories that saved me I'm not the only one
Empty 03:15
We found a new place with a little more space So we made the down payment and packed up our things But the real estate sign stayed in the old yard So we lowered our price and we worked so hard I watched every show on HGTV And did what they said to do We made it over till it looked like new We scrubbed the windows and the doors And you replaced the kitchen floor We left the couches and the beds Just the way the realtor said The old place never looked so good But when we locked the doors and left it late at night It was empty One night I painted the walls till there was no trace Of the lines that we drew when our little girl grew And I filled in the holes where there used to be nails Holding up pictures of me and you And I heard the wind blow as the clock struck one And chills went down my spine Even though I'd slept there hundreds of times We shoveled sidewalks in the snow We shined the lights so they would glow Every night at 8:00 p.m. Till the morning came again Every room was fresh and clean But without you it didn't mean a thing to me It was empty And sometimes miracles take a long time to come true But in the hardest of times At the end of the day I still have you Love is right inside the door And pizza picnics on the floor Our favorite pictures on the walls And baby laughing in the hall Every day's a mess to clean But there's one thing that my life life will never be Empty
You wore butterfly wings And your hair was in rings And you thought a Superman cape Would be the perfect thing So we velcroed it on in an awkward way And it crumpled up your wings You said, "You don't need a cape if you're already a butterfly" (Chorus) Butterflies fly through the sky without a care in the world I wish you could see as the years go by No matter what you're still that little girl Take a look at those eyes And the smile on your face You will color this world In your butterfly way Cause you were never meant to be anyone else And you were truly made to fly And you don't need a cape if you're already a butterfly (chorus) And it's easy to believe you're beautiful when you're three years old But when fifteen comes around I hope that you still know
I don't have eyes in the back of my head And I don't wear bright red knee high boots or a leotard with an S And I only have five senses, the sixth one's never there When I don't know why you're crying and I just have to guess I see you're having trouble sleeping; so am I I've been hoping I know how to raise you right I can't cast a magic spell but I can take you for a trip around the block Rest your head now while I hold you tight And I will walk you through the night As we walk beneath the sparkling stars Your body's getting heavier, you're finally giving in And my mind slips through the future to the troubles you could have And I don't know how to fix them, I just have to guess You are bound to have some nightmares so am I But you can count on me to hold you when you cry I can't take it all away but I can tell you I've been down this road before I can't promise that I'll always get it right But I will walk you through the night And if it's raining, I will drive you And if it's late at night, I don't care what time you call I may not be the best at very many things But I believe I love you perfectly Time goes by so relentlessly And I hope that you outlive me, it's how it's meant to be And I believe in heaven, but there are still some things That I just can't fully fathom and I just have to guess If God will grant my wish, I will wait for you Beyond the veil just before you slip through And as you softly close your eyes I will sing my lullabies to you And before you make your way into the light I will walk you though the night
Hurricanes 03:41
Rain fell from her eyes as she watched him go And thunder crashed when he slammed the door She can't believe he looked her in the eyes and told her "I don't need you anymore" Things have changed since she was just a baby She used to hold him tight But now on stormy nights Chorus: When she hears about hurricanes She wonders if he's okay And she doesn't even know if it's raining where he is But if he really has to live this kind of life With the storm winds blowing by all the time She prays that God will keep him in the eye And she's still standing by She knows that God can't make him change his mind She prays that time will change his heart A flash of lightning used to send him to her arms Now he's out there in the dark But every night she keeps the porch light burning And she waits up alone In case he comes back home (Chorus) And clouds of worry and anger and sadness Spiral in her heart and bring her to her knees She prays for sunlight and blankets for his shoulders And love enough to break him down And bring him back around
Chorus: Build me a boat that can carry two Cause I just can't cross this river of tears without you Give me a heart that can know the truth Cause I just can't cross this river of tears Just can't cross this river of tears Just can't cross this river of tears without you In this world I'm living in Full of sorrow, full of sin I have fallen and I've been burned I have lost and I have learned But I'm still struggling I try to reach the other side Of the hurt that pulls me down Don't you know that I need you by my side Chorus The way is dark in front of me Light these stones so I can see Through the waves and through the storm Change this heart to keep me warm Cause I've been shivering Holding on with all my mind To a heartbreak memory But now I only long to see the light Chorus The winds and the waves obey thy will And in my darkest hour you will save me still I know you always will There is a ship that sails the sea It's loaded deep as deep can be But not so deep as the trouble I'm in I know not how I sink or swim I don't have what it takes To live life perfectly And I don't have wings to fly You're the only one who can lift me
Invincible 03:19
I am friendly and I'm only 5'3" I don't think anybody's ever been afraid of me Never learned how to take a punch Let alone how to throw a good one I get frightened by the stupidest little things Something crazy always seems to get the best of me Milk that's past the expiration date And the emergency broadcast sound on TV (Chorus) But when you need me I will be the best that I can be I get better, I get braver than I can believe Amazingly, love makes me Invincible I've run farther than I ever thought I could I've climbed higher than I ever even thought I should When I thought someone believed in me When I've felt the strength that someone else might see I throw aside the things that stifle me I think I'd swim across a shark infested raging sea If I had to save my little ones It would hardly matter what became of me (chorus) And even when I die my love will still have changed things And when I meet my maker, love will save me
Photographs 04:38
Here's a picture of him He is standing with his thumb out in the wind A traveling preacher With his suitcase and book that saves your soul He's far from home Here's a picture of her In the backyard on a warm day in summer Just a baby Taking care of everyone the best she can Living off the land It was all they could do to just be brave But they smiled for the camera anyway And sometimes all you can do is just take a picture and hold your place in time As the days go by, the days go by, the days go by When they met at the dance Her card was full but she still gave him a chance Cause there was something In his eyes that just would not let her go And she didn't know That she'd be here dressed in white Sweet and shy before her neighbors threw the rice And she is standing With the tall handsome man who stole her heart And they will never part And the rest of the world could fade away But they smiled for the camera anyway And sometimes all you can do is just take a picture and hold your place in time As the days go by, the days go by, the days go by Days go by in blazing color But the memories look best in black and white And the looks on the faces tell a story of a lifetime Of laughter and tears when you read between the lines Now she's studying his face And he is living in another time and place She glues his pictures into big memory books so she won't forget And she hasn't yet And she longs for that great reunion day But she smiles for the camera anyway Sometimes all you can do is just Take a picture and hold your place in time As the days go by, the days go by, the days go by
I have lists of things I tell him every night About the ways that I've been wishing that my life could be I close my eyes and say, "help me get some sleep tonight, I've got a great big day tomorrow, help me get it right." And on and on go all the wishes for the money and the business That will come and go so quickly But then time stands still And I watch the sleeping faces of the ones that I adore I see this life I love and I plead with God above To leave it like it is The next day's a normal day, but I have changed somehow There's a halo made of sunlight touching everything I hear my children laugh, I see my baby smile And we're just talking over breakfast for a little while And all the questions and the wishes and the clean and dirty dishes That are spread out on the counter Seem to disappear And I am living in a picture with the ones that I adore I see this life I love and I plead with God above To leave it like it is And it feels so fragile sometimes Because it's more than I deserve and it takes my breath away I watch my daughter put a blanket on a doll And I know that she'll grow up and move away But not today And all the wishing and the wanting And the dreaming and the haunting Will come back again tomorrow Time will not be still But as I live here in the presence of the ones that I adore I know this night won't stay But I ask God anyway To leave it like it is


Produced by Scott Wiley at June Audio

All songs written by Cherie Call
©2009 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)


released September 1, 2009

See tracks for specific credits


all rights reserved



Cherie Call Provo, Utah

Cherie Call was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. She has released 9 full length albums of her original songs. Cherie's 10th project is an EP of Christmas music called, "A Merry Little Christmas. Cherie has played “in the round” at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe and has been a finalist in the Kerrville Newfolk songwriting competition. Cherie also performs with the hymn revival group "The Lower Lights". ... more

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